Italian pepper

The Italian Pepper is the fruit of a plant native to Latin America, which has been cultivated for many years.

It is a sweet, narrow and elongated hollow fruit, with a bright green color ending in a point with a low energy value because it does not exceed lipids, proteins and carbohydrates, however, it is one of the richest in vitamins C, since it exceeds orange almost 3 times, thus being an important antioxidant.

Its great resistance to cold makes this crop and its harvest available throughout the year.

Our Veleta and Palermo varieties are the most demanded in our market, expanding our cultivation area to 50 ha, reaching about 4 million kilos a year.

All year
Veleta y Palermo
4,000 tons / year
Weight: 6kg or 10kg
Packaging: pool boxes, ifco, wood and cardboard
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